This blog entry is part of an ongoing series documenting the creation of my short film, “Figure/Ground”, about the death of my father, starring veteran actor Allan Kulakow. The finished film is a hybrid of photographic and painted imagery, created using Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. The film uses many of the techniques discussed in my book “Digital Art Revolution”. I’ll document my techniques, approaches, decision process and frustrations in hopes that they’ll be of interest to digital artists and filmmakers.

Another “blank” spot discusses feeling a strong electric jolt go through my body at the moment of Dad’s passing. I actually experienced this, holding his hand when he died. I’ve since learned that this is not an uncommon experience. The image I want to create would be very shaky and washed out in color and value. Because of this, I decide I may be able to make a little Quicktime video using the tiny camera on my Macbook Pro and then blow it up to HD. I find the same shirt I wore two years ago for the filming, put it on, and film myself on my computer. I have to position everything so it’s not apparent that I’m in a different house. This experiment actually works!


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