Digital Art Revolution Extra

We use the “Extras” pages to post bonus instruction and commentary about related topics. These topics either expand upon materials in the book, or address topics that couldn’t be covered in the book because of space limitations.

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Extra: Photoshop Tutorials Based on

Digital Art Revolution from

Photoshop Support is featuring a series of Photoshop tutorials adapted from the pages of Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop. Now you can access all of them here in one convenient place, on our new tutorial “extras” page. They range from simple, basic Photoshop technique, to more expressive advanced fine art exercises. See the write up about Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop here.

Click on each title below to access the downloadable pdf tutorial.

“Using “Black and White” In The Adjustments Panel To Create Better Grayscale Images From Color Photos”